Open iT Upgrade Patches

Download upgrade patches for Open iT Version 7.x from this page.
Indicated under each download are the bug-fixes and improvements for the patch.
Make sure to install patches that apply to your version, installed modules and platform.

Please contact for help.

Available Downloads

Download 7-0-8-0.tar.gz | Download Release Date: 23 March 2018

List of updates:

                                 Updates for LicenseOptimizer Configuration Editor
Fix for licpoll data types that are not generating due to unusual lmstat format

Download 7-0-7-0.tar.gz | Download Release Date: 21 November 2017

List of updates:

                                 Windows Core Server
Fix for resetting of password for non-admin user
Unix Core Server
Fix for resetting of password for non-admin user
Fix for processing data type 75 that fails due to high memory usage
Update on Open iT Archiver to make Open iT Jobscheduler process more stable
Power BI Integration
This update modifies the Core Server to produce data suitable for Power BI Reporting.
How to use
1. Modify openit.cfg directives POWERBI_CUTOFF_AGE and POWERBI_DATATYPES according to need.
POWERBI_CUTOFF_AGE - The value for this is deducted to the current year to determine the starting year of data to process.
The processing start date would be January 1.
POWERBI_DATATYPES - Data types to process in the database directory. Each data types should be separated with a comma.
To include all data types, the value should be "all" (including quotes).
2. Restart scheduler.
3. Inside the database directory, there should be a powerbi folder that contains the csv files for each data type's days' worth of data.
Note that Power BI integration is valid on UNIX for now. The default interval for this job is daily.

Download 7-0-6-0.tar.gz | Download Release Date: 30 June 2017

List of updates:

                                 Fix for existing job issue when creating Periodic Jobs
Fix for Core Server Web Vulnerabilities
Fix for inaccessible Reporting Server after Qualys scan
Fix for XSS attacks on Mapping GUI
Added configuration on showing Core Admin tabs
Fix for deselected checkboxes when saving in Automatic Data Generation page
Fix for data regeneration issues on WebGUI
Added activity logging on UCS daemon
Fix for UCS 7.0.3 where Periodic Reports cannot be created
Fix for Local File Inclusion Web Vulnerability
Added more debug output for jobscheduler
Fix for HTTPS default page redirection on UCS WebGUI
Fix for GUI showing "NO KEY WITH.." due to RS (UCS) file updated by Qualys scanner

Download 7-0-5-0.tar.gz | Download Release Date: 30 March 2017

List of updates:

                                 Fix for externally terminated app that is not detected by LicenseOptimizer
Fix for Windows client SystemAnalyzer summasummarum error on data processing
Fix for error while processing usage of handle
Fix for optimization issue with multiple license server specs for centralized license
Improved stability of jobscheduler (Unix)
Fix for LicenseOptimizer that is unable to properly remove licenses from lmservers
Fix for jobscheduler to accept connection after archiver crash (Windows)
Update for licensestatusconverter to support lmgrd status
Integrate LicenseAnalyzer 6.5 to 7.1
Fix for jobscheduler that crashed/stopped (Unix)

Download 7-0-4-0.tar.gz | Download Release Date: 12 December 2016

List of updates:

                                 Improved Unix Core Server jobscheduler stability
Fix for jobscheduler to accept connection after archiver crash
Unix Core Server GUI issues
Core Server web vulnerabilities (Windows and Unix)
Prevents LicpollArchiveFileSpiltter files from being stuck in the incoming directory on Unix Core Server

Download 7-0-3-0.tar.gz | Download Release Date: 29 November 2016

List of updates:

                                 Changed implementation of user validation
Fix for Windows Core Server that is unable to read mapping with text file source
Fix for client info display when openit_client_info.json is too big
Fix for Windows Core Server that can't load modules in Complete Selection
Fix for unchanging "Opening report" status while generating reports
Core Server Web Vulnerabilities
Fix for reports from "Generated Reports" not opening in new tab
Fix for key field in mapping to be recognized in

Download 7-0-2-0.tar.gz | Download Release Date: 21 July 2016

List of updates:

                                 Limit the use of open file descriptors by archiver (Unix)
Improved use of user or group lookup in (Unix)
Fixed 'add' program to prevent bad removal of data files in database (Unix)
Update for server binaries to handle new signatures in LA (Unix)

Download 7-0-1-0.tar.gz | Download Release Date: 21 July 2016

List of updates:

                                 Fix for export to Excel functionality of Web GUI reports
Update for 'add' program to handle problems with database replacement
Fix for occasional problem in accessing web GUI Admin Page
Use of separate script for generating periodic reports
Fix for sending configuration to old 6.x clients from 7.0 server

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