Summary for Patch 2093 (Verified)

Summary Unix Process Accounting collector fixes
Platform Unix
Category bugfix
Valid for 6.3.x, 6.4.x, 6.5.0.x
Server Required Patch/es
Supersedes 2077, 2058, 2053, 967, 927, 836, 998, 881, 797, 743, 915
Superseded by
Affects Client: System Analyzer
Last Updated June 30, 2017

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This patch fixes:

- Unix Process Accounting that sometimes uses too much CPU
- Unix Process Accounting that sometimes misses short data
- Unix Process Accounting that sometimes duplicates PACCT and PS data

The updated programs are monips, monips_to_psm and the client daemon.

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Patch 2077 — Handle CR (bytecode for Carriage Return) in PBS input data
General Description:
Ability to read PBS data files with CR

Detailed Description:
PBS data has been handled already, but it can't be supported if the input file contains CR. This
patch updates pbsacct_to_psm to be able to read input files containing CR in the lines. This has
been tested on TORQUE and it was able to parse these files.
Patch 2058 — Handling of missing memory field in PBS data
General Description: Missing memory information in PBS data caused invalid output

Detailed Description: This patch updates the pbsacct_to_psm on Unix client to handle data that
misses the memory information in the PBS records. It will add the value 0 whenever the memory
information is missing.
Patch 2053 — Fix on SAR data collection
General Description:
This patch fixes the collection of SAR data after installing Patch 998

Detailed Description:
SAR got an error in data collection because of a very old revision of after installing
Patch 998.
This patch updates to fix the error from Patch 998. 
Patch 967 — Client patch for free memory reported as KB by SAR
The free memory was previously reported as "memory pages" by SAR. It has been changed to KB. This is
the client update needed for Solaris clients in this respect. It updates sar_to_psm and

The patch also contains an update to fix the client daemon that caused a possible loss of data as a
result of PID rotation. This applies to all platforms. is updated for this fix.

Patch 966 is the corresponding server patch.
Patch 927 — Client updates for SuSE Linux and AIX 6 / 7
This patch contains updates needed for SuSE client, AIX 6 and AIX 7 client.

This patch contains the Perl programs and modules needed to run SystemAnalyzer on the mentioned
clients. It adds support for Open iT
Patch 836 — Correct handling of accounts containing ':' char in PBS logs
This patch added conversion of : to _ in account names found in the PBS log
files. Without this fix output data from pbsacct_to_psm ends up with too many
fields when : occurs in the account name.

After the patch is installed any existing but failed data can be reparied by running

  . /etc/opt/openit/openit.env

(from the patch directory). This will find discarded files under the "garbage"
directory and repair this. The next time pbs data collection is activated this
data should be transfered.




  stat cron

to identify the id for the `OpeniT::Client::_process_pbs_acct_data` job and a

  cron NUM
if you want to PBS data processed and sent to the server immediately.
Patch 998 — Fix for license status transfer by adding lock on cron job
General Description:
Add lock for cron job for license status transfer on Unix client.

Detailed Description:
There are license-status warnings found in openit_serverd.log when the cron job for sending license
status files is triggered many times with short interval. In Management Console tab, when cron 0 for
monitor license status is clicked many times in just a short time, the cron job processes repeatedly
causing the warning in log that the status file already exists. This patch fixes this issue by
updating the to make sure that no more than one cron job is running at any time.
Patch 881 — Linux sar with support for rq-size and iowait%
Adds use of sar -q to get "rq-size" (Run queue size) on Linux.

Adds "Wait IO %" on Linux.

Both are measurements.

Fixes a bug in parsing that caused the time stamp of the sar logs to be delayed
by one sar interval.
Patch 797 — Error handling for pacct, support for sar version 9
pacct_to_psm is now allowed to complete processing of a pacct file that contains more faulty
records. Earlier, the process would be aborted after a certain number of such records. The error
checking can be turned on / off by setting a directive in /etc/opt/openit/openit.cfg:


If the directive is not present, the default behavior is as before, "on".

sar has been extended to handle version 9 of the sysstat package.
Patch 743 — Avoid use of ypcat (configurable)
Update on the module that converts UID to user name. Us of "ypcat" can be turned on or off by
setting in /etc/opt/openit/openit.cfg:

UID_YPCAT   (true|false)

The default is to use "ypcat".
Patch 915 — Fix for License Analyzer client configuration
This patch contains fix for clients that cannot read parameters LICPOLL_SEND_INTERVAL and

-- To use, modify /etc/opt/openit/openit.cfg by adding the lines:
LICPOLL_SEND_INTERVAL <interval_value> 
LICPOLL_SEND_OFFSET <offset_value>


Unpack tar file in e.g /tmp/patch on the Open iT host. Do the following as root:

	cd /tmp/patch

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